Meet FIH Mobile Limited
FIH Mobile Limited-- a subsidiary of the world's largest and fastest growing multinational company in the fields of manufacturing services providers (including CEM, EMS, ODM and CMMS players) for Computer, Communication and Consumer electronics industries, Hon Hai Precision -- is the global leader in the handset and wireless communications manufacturing and service. From joint design and development to after-sales services, our highly integrated array of capabilities is designed to provide our customers with high speed, high volume, high quality, high flexibility and low cost solutions.

We invite you to learn more about why we've become a strategic partner for today's technology innovators, and how we can provide you with the full range of end-to-end services you need to stay competitive in today's expanding global communications marketplace.
  Design   Manufacturing & Assembly   Repairs / Refurbish  
Working closely with our customers for short lead-time and concurrent product development.   Providing compre-hensive, top quality processes and cutting edge technology designed to maximize output, minimize delays, and remain flexible in an evolving market.   Delivering low cost, low cycle time, high quality repairs and refurbish-ing services in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  
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