Vertical Integration
our philosophy is simple: the more we can offer our clients, the more our clients can offer the marketplace. With the ability to perform end-to-end tasks from design, to production, to after sales support and repairs, our vertically integrated process means quicker speed to market, higher quality, better engineering service, greater flexibility and lower costs. Whether you call us a one stop shop, a turnkey solution or a universal resource, the result is the same -- world class handset and wireless communications for a worldwide marketplace.
eCMMs: Components, Module, Move, Services
What is eCMMs? Its our own unique way of saying that when it comes to wireless manufacturing, we're your one stop shop. eCMMs is an acronym we created to describe what we do best -- Components, Module, Move and Service. As the world's leading eCMMs company, we provide design, manufacturing, assembly and after sales services of key components and final products for wireless communications and consumer electronics leaders. By handling these needs, we allow you to focus on branding, marketing and distribution.
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