The eCMMs Difference
The root of eCMMs is mechanical component manufacturing capability -- fast tooling, precision molding and quick turn around to fit our customers' specific requirements for components made of different materials, spec, sizes, etc.

In addition to making various components, we're able to assemble semi-finished products (modules) and can even provide full assembly services. Vertically integrated one-stop shopping for our customers.

We have the flexibility to allow dynamic movements within our organization, into customers' organizations and across all geographical areas and product categories. We can move products, capacity, and human resources to meet your specific demands. This can mean establishing facilities close to where you are, shipping products or resources where you want them, and providing global logistic systems for distribution.

What separates us from the competition isn't simply that we offer logistics and after-sale services, the difference is our mentality. We strive to meet your demands in a timely, cost-effective manner and provide tailored solutions to address any issues you may have.
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