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Metal Forming
Metal parts offer excellent structural integrity and reduced thickness for your mobile phone. As an industry leader of metal forming, FIH owns the forming know-how for metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, etc.

For conventional metal forming techniques, we have mass-production experiences in stamping, forging, die-casting, extrusion, metal injection molding, and CNC to form structures of different shapes, properties, and costs. Additionally, we have also developed new technology processes, such as profile cold-rolling, super-plastic forming, and seamless welding, etc., that can meet customer’s future structural demands.

FIH’s current strategy is to focus on aluminum alloy applications in order to stay on top of the industry food chain tomorrow.

Decorations on Metals
Metallic surfaces provide premium look and feel to add values to your mobile phones. Therefore, FIH has invested heavily into surface decoration techniques on metallic substrates.

For visual effect decorations, we have mass-production experiences in PVD, ED, anodizing, printing, ink filling, painting etc. to bring vibrant colors to metallic substrates. Additionally, we have also developed ways to use the above techniques to create new effects such as two-tone effects, gradient effects, and high-gloss effects to create interesting visual looks.

For textural surface treatments, we have mass-production experience of polishing, sandblasting, brushing, chemical etching, laser marking and perforation, etc. Additionally, we have developed new surface treatment technology processes such as enameling, powder coating, diamond cutting, roller forming, etc., to introduce additional patterns on metallic substrates.

FIH’s current strategy is to explore areas in functional coatings that would further protect the premium values of metallic surfaces.

Plastics Forming
Plastics can be easily molded to highly complex structures to suit customer needs at low cost. Foxconn Technology Group already has decades of injection molding experience, and now FIH also has plastic CNC capabilities to fully exploit plastics’ strengths.

We have developed new insert- and two-shot molding technology to allow new integration designs, such as glass insert molding, visual artwork Insert molding, metal adhesive molding, two-shot depth effect, two shot waterproof sealing, etc. Lastly, FIH will continuously try new resins as they become available, such as high-performance resins and environmentally-friendly resins; some of these resin recipes are even developed in FIH!

Decorations on Plastics
Plastic surfaces can be decorated in a wide range of ways; the only limit is your imagination. When it comes to decoration options on plastic surfaces, FIH offers the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry.

For visual effect decorations, we have mass production experiences in conventional techniques such as painting, NCVM, IML, IMD, printing, etc. Additionally, we have capabilities to do laser marking, NMVM (non-metallic PVD), and advanced printing on plastic surfaces.

For textural surface treatments, we have mass production capabilities for soft-touch painting, selective electroplating, logo assembly, etc. Our latest development in this area includes metallic logo, leather and fiber series applications, special in-mold textures, etc.

Lastly, FIH is developing next-generation, mostly automated coating-and-assembly lines to stay ahead of FIH’s competitors.

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